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Our worm farm have moved ‘house’!

Now things have warmed up, we’ve harvested our first worm manure from our micro Worm Farm.  The manure will be used on the garden here @TheSchoolofArtisanFood in the coming months.  Not only is worm manure is teeming with minerals and nutrients, it also holds up to 50% moisture which will help in drought and heavy rainfall conditions.   


Did you know one tablespoon of Worm manure provides enough nutrients for a plant to thrive throughout the growing season. The manure will also help the soil structure aiding drainage and root development. 


The worms in our small Worm Farm have moved ‘house’!  They are now living in a recycled Wheelie Bin - thank you @Bassetlaw DC.  Where we hope they will thrive and produce Worm manure on a greater scale. 


The worms love the organic waste from our kitchen which in turn helps the School of Artisan Food increase our sustainable waste management. 


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