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School of Artisan Food


Our Story

After the pandemic, The School of Artisan Food noticed increased concern about rates of type-2 diabetes in young people as well as emerging evidence about how food production affects our climate. At this point, we added a registered dietitian to our team. As there was increasing evidence that much of the way that we eat has a negative impact on our health and that of the planet, we felt that one of the many ways of addressing these challenges would be through food education.  


Best Food Forward was established in May 2022 and embarked on a project combining knowledge about food and nutrition with cooking skills. We now teach secondary school students and health professionals about delicious, healthy food by using this combination of theory and practical hands-on food skills classes. Learning about sustainability, where food comes from, what it tastes like and how to prepare and cook it gives a foundation on which Best Food Forward participants can make healthier choices. We of course hope that their enthusiasm for and knowledge about good food spreads out to benefit families and the whole community. 


Our work with health professionals has developed into a vibrant continuing professional development programme. Our work with local secondary schools is ongoing and exciting. Two researchers on our mapping project are asking secondary schools all over England about their experience of food education so that we can see what teachers and students are asking for.


As the project continues to grow, we have come across some very impressive initiatives supporting the good food movement. We welcome opportunities for learning, collaboration and partnership in the important and exciting world of enjoyable, evidence-based food education

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