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Food Cards


The Best Food Forward Food Cards

The Best Food Forward Food Cards are an evidence-based educational resource we have developed, tested, and now use in our sessions.

Packs of cards are provided to our partnered schools, third-sector organisations and healthcare providers to teach easy-to-understand nutrition information. We have based the cards around The Eatwell Guide, a public health resource in England.

Food Cards

Best Food Forward aims to develop participants' food literacy competencies, including food recognition, nutrition knowledge, understanding how to limit food waste, and practical food skills. Our Food Cards support us in achieving these targets by being a simple yet effective resource that complements teaching delivery. 

We have collaborated with Dietetics students from local universities to develop our Food Cards, ensuring they meet current UK needs and food trends. Packs include familiar and less familiar cards to broaden participants' awareness of various food items and encourage thinking about how these fit into a balanced diet. To date, they have been used in primary and secondary school settings, within NHS training and community food education services. 



Project Director

"Our team came up with the concept of Food Cards after noticing that many adults were uncertain about which food group ingredients belong to. For example, some people would replace pulled pork with jackfruit, without realising that they were not substituting the protein source of the meal. With the involvement of multiple stakeholders, we have developed Food Cards into an educational resource that is beneficial for various audiences who are interested in learning about food education based on evidence."

"The Best Food Forward Food Cards offer valuable educational experiences. At KS3, students can use the cards to recognise ingredients and expand their knowledge of food groups. At KS4, they can visualise recipe alternatives and ensure dishes are nutritionally balanced. The Food Cards' tactile design provides a unique and interactive learning experience, making the Eatwell guide more accessible and enriching the nutritional information for each ingredient. They are an empowering and invaluable learning tool in the classroom, greatly enhancing students’ food learning experience."



Food Education Specialist

What others have to say about using
The Food Cards

"The food cards are a great tool to use with the HEP participants!!! Thank you very much for such an excellent nutrition tool to support the delivery of our Healthy Eating on a Budget Programme!!! The cards are really useful and very informative! I love them!"

Best Food Forward participant


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