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Best Food Forward Secondary School Food Education Mapping Project

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Food cards school education

Best Food Forward is excited to announce a new research project, which aims to present an up-to-date representative picture of secondary school food education in England.

It is apparent that there is a wide variation in how food education is being delivered across the country and that some students are having a different experience from others. To understand the national picture of provision, the Best Food Forward team will conduct a mixed methods research project to hear the ‘voice of schools’ and highlight the importance of food education for student wellbeing and outcomes.

Secondary School Food Education Mapping Project

Throughout this project, the researchers aim to capture examples of food learning within the curriculum but also in wider parts of school life. Jake Barwood, Joint-Strategic Lead on this project, says, “Food education is not necessarily a straightforward fit into school curriculum. Learning about food covers a wide range of subjects and can tap into many parts of the school day, including in the classroom, extra-curricular activities and during lunchtime”.

A conference will be held in the spring of 2025 to share the findings, gather practical implications, and enthuse change, followed by the publication of a final report in the Summer of 2025.

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