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The book of the month "EAST" by Meera Sodha

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The book of the month EAST by Meera Sodha

It is always fascinating and engaging when our team meets to discuss the book of the month. This time, we talked about a book from the @schoolofartisanfood library, very much loved by our team members Lianna and Jake, East by Meera Sodha. @meerasodha

Lianna’s favourite recipe from the book is the aubergine katsu curry. Her husband bought East for her as a Christmas gift, knowing that it would combine two of her favourite things: Asian food and trying new recipes.

aubergine katsu curry

The recipes are well-written, with thoughtful additions, and the results are amazing. The images are colourful and inviting, providing great inspiration for trying out the dishes. The katsu sauce is simple, using only staples that she always has in her fridge and cupboards. So, if she hasn’t planned dinner, this is her go-to recipe. Her children love the sweet flavour, and she often adds a cucumber and carrot salad made with sesame, honey, and lime juice dressing. It is one of her six-year-old's favourite things!

Jake’s favourite recipe has to be swede laksa. Having travelled in Malaysia last year and been lucky enough to eat more laksa than most people do in a lifetime, Jake craves this comforting yet searingly spicy coconut soup.

swede laksa

This recipe helps to recreate that delicious richness in the soup base, a deep orange colour packed full of garlic, ginger, chilli and lemongrass but also brings it to the British wintertime with the inclusion of the roasted swede and caramelised shallots. The slight chew balances the zing of coriander and lime, and they soften up slightly in the soup. Jake recommends bringing this recipe out this winter when you need a soup to battle away the cold weather, reinvigorate your taste buds and give the humble swede a new lease of life.

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