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Our Food Education Mapping Project is now in full swing.

Over the last few weeks, researchers Jake and Rosina, have begun visiting secondary schools across the country to see the different ways schools are delivering their food education. The aim of this project is to provide an up-to-date picture of the food learning landscape, capturing great practice, challenges and limitations and the voice of schools in how students are learning about food. 

Jake says, “After months of planning, it has been brilliant to get into schools and start listening to school students and staff about their views about food education. Through our early visits, we are already seeing a variation between schools but it’s clear to see the important role that food learning can have on student’s school experience”.  

The researchers will be continuing their visits until the end of summer term. The findings of this  work will be shared via a conference and report in 2025. 

Jake Barwood,

Joint strategic lead for

mapping secondary

school food education

Best Food Forward

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