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After-school cooking – The Food You Love, But Better! 

‘Best Food Forward, in collaboration with The Share Prosperity Fund, has successfully piloted after-school sessions at the Elizabethan Academy in Retford. The four-week course, titled 'Food You Love, But Better,' was attended by families and students looking to improve their practical food skills. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the families and interacting with the students. The sessions were a hit with the students, who were excited to learn new things and loved the various skills showcased. The students worked exceptionally well and created delicious dishes, which they found easy to make and to repeat at home, especially the koftas and flatbreads. Working together, the students and their families had a great time and were proud of the amazing dishes they produced. Thank you to all who attended and the teachers of The Elizabethan Academy for their support and use of their facilities.’ 



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